Kent's Chair Found 13 Miles North East of Baker City!


Kent Couch's flying lawn chair found! Reward claimed!
Nearly a year after Kent Couch sailed 193 miles in a lawn chair strapped to 105 balloons, the $500 reward for finding the chair has been claimed! The camera was found to be intact and the footage is being retrieved.
Kent Couch and his cluster balloon chair have been united after almost a year!  Kent was certain the chair and camera holding the much anticipated in-flight footage would never be found.

When Kent Couch received the call from the Baker City Sheriff explaining that the chair had been found 13 miles north east of Baker City, Kent was certain that someone was pulling his leg.  After the sheriff explained the location, the remnants of balloons and the lawn chair that were found, he  was convinced that it was indeed his custom Kent Couch cluster ballooning chair.

A ranching couple found the chair while checking their fence line.  They described the scene as eerie, expecting that they might have found someone who perished on their land.  Neither of the ranchers had heard of Kent Couch's famous cluster balloon ride back in July of 2007. 

When the couple called the Baker City Sheriff and described the chair they had found, he instantly thought of Kent Couch and his cluster balloon flight.  The sheriff went directly to the Stop and Go page of this website to find Kent Couch's contact information.

Kent and a friend traveled to Baker City to recover the chair and the camera.  After almost a year, the chair and electronic equipment are in excellent condition.  The footage from the camera is currently being recovered.
Check back frequently for the latest Kent Couch Cluster Ballooning news and the recently found in-flight footage.

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