2008 Flight

Saturday, July 5th, 2008 @ 5:30am

Cluster Balloon Lawn Chair Flight Info

Welcome to the Kent Couch 2008 Cluster Balloon Flight. Kent will be breaking a world record Saturday and we want to thank you for “riding” along.  Below you will find the flight details to enjoy this fabulous event no matter where you are!

Kent’s flight path will be available for viewing all day Saturday thanks to our friends at Google Maps. (very cool!)

If you are near Bend, Oregon area and want to “catch” this flight in person, please step forward and proceed to the next paragraph.


Takeoff Information

Please park your vehicle in short-term parking at the Pilot Butte Theater lot (2717 E Hwy 20 Bend, OR 97701)

5:30am boarding will begin at the Stop & Go Mini Mart (2699 NE Highway 20 Bend, OR 97701).

6:00am Take-off will commence (weather permitting) when Kent’s lawn chair is up-right and locked, his tray table is put away and all his carry-on items are properly stowed.


Inflight Entertainment, Beverage Cart and Snacks

Free helium balloons for the kids.
Eastside Java will be serving Bellatazza coffee, lattes…
Stop & Go Mini Mart will be serving delicious breakfast sandwiches & much more!

Final Destination

Boise, Idaho (weather permitting).  But as Kent always says when asked where he is going, “I have no idea.”

For more information, contact us