2010 Flight

Kent Couch and John Fries – First Ever Two Man Balloon Race


Kent Couch sets a new Guinness Book of World Records again, this time with John Fries. On July 24th, the two men took flight to compete in the first ever two man lawn chair cluster balloon race.

Approximately 170 balloons were filled with helium and tied to each lawn chair. The two men raced each other to see who could fly the farthest and set a new world record held by Mike Howard in 2001 of 3.41 miles.

The race took 7 hours from take off to landing. Both competitors tried their best to travel as far as possible. However, the wind was not a co-operative as they had hoped. John landed after 72.99 miles and won the race landing in Paulina. Kent reached a distance of 69.99 miles.