2012 Oregon Flight

Although the flight didn’t go as planned, we still had a lot of fun, and we’re really excited about all the people that turned out for the event!

Due to unanticipated wind currents, the craft changed direction early in the afternoon, and headed back to the Central Oregon area. Incoming storms forced an early landing, but both Kent and Fareed are safe and sound on the ground now! Kent has said that this flight was the most intense adventure of all his balloon expeditions in the past!!!!

They may not have set a record this time, but Kent and Fareed won’t lose hope for setting another.

Details on the July 14, 2012 Flight:

Highest altitude reached: 14,060 feet

Total time in the air: 7 hours, 10 minutes (they launched at 10:20am and landed at 5:30pm.

Distance traveled: TBD! They went every which way in their flight, so we don’t have an exact distance, but they ended up landing about 39 miles from the launch point (12 miles East of the Prineville Reservoir).

Number of balloons: 375

Watch us build the entire cluster in two minutes!