Kent Couch’s Stop and Go Shell Gas Station in Bend, Oregon

Stop N Go

The Stop and Go Shell gas station is a filling-up experience like no other. Many people give little thought to the gas station they pull into, because most stations are pretty similar. Not Kent Couch’s Stop and Go on U.S. Highway 20 and Northeast 27th Street in Bend, Oregon. When you pull your vehicle up to the pump, an extremely friendly looking person in an old fashioned, white gas attendant’s uniform (hat included) comes running up to your window. All of the attendants are very polite when taking your fueling preferences; they always ask if you would like your tank topped off. While you wait for your tank to be filled, they clean your windshield and actually get every speck of debris off.

Once inside, customers have a plethora of options. Kent Couch’s Stop and Go has the normal gas station fare but what makes it special is their in-house sub store, Sargo’s. Everything a sub enthusiast could dream of. If your mouth is watering for something sweet, creamy and cold, the Stop and Go has its very own ice-cream with candy and goodies, created in front of your eyes on a cold stone.

A beloved feature of the Stop and Go is its gorgeous landscaping. On the very corner of U.S. Highway 20 and Northeast 27th Kent has created a natural sign, spelling Shell in a skillfully pruned hedge. The hedge is adorned by brightly colored flowers and other attractive landscaping features.

Gas stations are a dime a dozen but if you are looking for a business that you can feel good about supporting, come by Kent Couch’s Stop and Go Shell Gas Station, located on U.S. Highway 20 and Northeast 27th in Bend, Oregon. Get your vehicle filled up and grab a Sargo’s sub and ice-cream for the road.